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"Keith Moody is a talent above the rest. His latest release, “Dreaming Out Loud” is one of the coolest CD’s I have heard in a long time. Moody takes the best of several genres and meshes them together creating a sound of perfection." --- Skope Magazine

"....he creates a successful blend with personal flare anyone can relate to.  Dreaming Out Loud is the start of something big for this new artist and this reviewer cannot wait until concerts emerge throughout the country...." 5 of 5 stars --- Taste of Rock 


"Call it what you want - it's a fine album's worth of listening and Moody's vocal phrasing occasionally reminds me of Glen Phillips." --- Addicted to Vinyl

"Very much worth a listen if you are a little starved for some rock music ...." --- Oldrocker1

"His latest album, Dreaming out Loud, has an alternative sound with rock and country elements, all of which create a trifecta of near perfection. .....The songs are great. Moody, is even greater. Aside from being an instrumentalist, Moody’s lyrics are what drive the album. They are true, deeper than those of even the best songwriters of our generation or generations past." --- ReviewFix

"Moody is a very talented musician, and when listening to his music, it is obvious that he has a true passion for what he is doing. The album has something for everyone, and it doesn’t disappoint. ....This is a unique musician who has used genres such as rock, blues and country to make his own sound." --- Denver Rock Music Examiner

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Welcome to the Official Keith Moody website. Get to know, Keith Moody  and his band not just online but by checking out the latest tour dates and meeting us at a show in your area for a rockin good time!
If you like music then you will love Keith's original brand of alternative roots rock where classic rock, blues and country cross paths. The mixes of many musical influences are expressed through his lyrics, vocals and bluesy guitar style. As the lead singer, guitarist and writer Keith is an Independent Artist building his career from the ground up. As a singer-songwriter and with his three piece band he has taken to the road touring and making friends wherever he goes. Living in Nashville, Tennessee, Keith Moody has toured up and down the Southeast, Texas, as well as the Mid States working his way East and West.

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Moody Happenings!!


Selected as an Artist Ambassador for Supercuts Rock the Cut Promotion in 2012 and 2013.  Check out our latest track on the Rock the Cut site.  
*"One Big Ending" selected by producers as part of  Pulse Records USA Mainstream Music Video Opportunity. It will be going into rotation at over 8,500 retail outlets & broadcast stations nationwide.
New Distraction from the latest album, Dreaming Out Loud, goes into rotation on Music City Radio. Music City Radio is the official station of the Nashville Tourist site. 
* Placement with MTV of Up, Do It Over, Long Way Up and Lay it Down Easy on Jersey Shore and
Already Home and Long Way Up on The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons
* Placement of 2 songs, Up and Do It Over, in the US Open
* 2012 Unsigned Only contest winner in the Singer-Songwriter category
* Dreaming Out Loud accepted for play by Pandora and Spotify
* Named Top 5 vocalist for June by SingerUniverse
* One Big Ending video #1 on Y'allWire Y'allturnative and All charts in April and May. Click Y'allwire logo above. 
One Big Ending #1 (Top 20) on Clear Chanel's I Heart Radio New Discover and Uncover. Click New logo above,
* One Big Ending included on US Airways Audio channel in May and June on over 3000 domestic and international flights
* Picked up distribution by Home Grown Music Network 
* New Music Spotlight – Keith Moody “One Big Ending” on Indy's Music Channel, a 24 hour music video television station in the Indianapolis area. Indianapolis is market #25 and the 12th largest U.S. city.
* One Big Ending Video has been added to a NIGHTLIFE Reel in several locations including clubs, casinos and bowling alleys across the US and Canada with more to come in March.
* Dreaming Out Loud listening party on AOL Music in Feb 2012.
Picked up endorsement by PRS guitars in Feb 2012 - Other endorsers include Elixir Strings, Dr. Z Amps and Steve Clayton Guitar Picks and Accessories.


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